With Fear Popping Up Everywhere Like a Geiser, Dr. Doer Faces it by Giving Recognition to Others for Giving Back

Dr. Doer says to “Celebrate those who are creative and thoughtful and stay on their Doer Path!”

He further clarified:

“If you stay on your DOER PATH you can get rid of all your fears once and for all.”


Dr. Doer seems to be popping up a lot lately with his “Stay on Your Doer Path” philosophy. He says that you can permanently get rid of being afraid of staying on your Doer Path. We say back to him with much respect,

“Doc, it ain’t possible to not be afraid of some things. We’re all human.”

Finally, Dr. Doer, he admitted that fear cannot be expunged in all areas of life. He also further clarified that some fear is actually good. Like the classic scenario of avoiding getting run over by a speeding car so you jump to the side to avoid getting run over.

Fear is everywhere in this time period of violence and other atrocities, so what is one to do? How do we get back more hope? 


One thing that we agree with Dr. Doer about, is the importance of letting people know when they are doing a great job at something. As human beings, regardless of how cut off we from interpersonal relationships, we all enjoy a heartfelt, authentic and true complement from another, especially from someone we respect.

Why Start an Awards Show when Parts of the World are Being Destroyed? Aren’t there More Important Things to Ruminate On?

In the end, at least in these days of tragedy, it comes down to your confidence in yourself and the feeling of peace with others, as in being united as citizens of your country. That is where the recognition of others comes in. It can be a powerful tool to maintain your neighborhood with a brighter outlook.

It Worked for the People Who introduced the Platinum PIAs, and it Can Work for YOU!

There are inevitably small business owners and artists who are making a difference in your local area both online and off, so why not award those who help others?

Who Should be Nominated and Ultimately Win in Your Awards Show?

Doers. Doers are capable of giving back in a big way. Why doers? 

A doer, in our mind is someone, who regardless of what obstacles they face, keep moving on track on their Doer Path.

Yes, but that Still Does Not Answer the Question of “Why Start and Awards Show?”

Recognition. Recognition. Recognition. Focused on the good!


The answer to this question at first glance is a quite certain “No!” But as Dr. Doer said to us, all things are relative. He believed that if you were to do your own community awards show, that the level of positive impact your neighborhood event could have on locals, can be compared in a relative way to big and famous awards shows. I guess what doc meant is that when a community member gets recognition from their community it can be quite meaningful!

You can still Be on the Doer Path, while Simultaneously Being on the Give Back Path!

As your career and small business continues to grow, so does your mouthpiece to spread hope. Use what you have. Even if your starting of an awards show is symbolic of how you are leading your life, it is a good thing to recognize others for what they are doing toward making a difference in this world.

ArtisticPreneurs Can Make it Happen for Themselves and Others

You can be an artist and a businessperson when you are an artisticpreneur.

ArtisticPreneurs Unite!

Although the paradigm of an artist and representation is alive and well here in the USA, if you lift open the hood, when it comes to these situations, you learn that things are not always as they might seem. This is primarily on the part of the artist. You see, although there are examples of the artist/agent thing working, in the end, the artist must be an artisticpreneur.

Dr. Doer says “A part of easing fear can be to celebrate those who are creative and thoughtful!”