Being the First

Rethinking Education

Art Gush: the Early Years

In its early years, Art Gush was our online destination for our approximately one and a half year long educational experiment. We were testing out the idea that a course could be taught on the web through “reality based” documentation. In other words, the students would have a window into the behind the scenes of the “making of” an actual feature film, empowering them as they work on their own flicks.

Ready Made for Solopreneurs

The reason the course resonated with many “solopreneurs” is because our technique enabled introverts to be able to make a film without needing a crew. The filmmaker wears many hats including writer, director, producer, promoter and so on. The shy person using the filmmaking methodology did it all alone. The only required collaborators were actors.. Though, soon enough, technology will be readily available for the use of all, that allows one to digitally create the actors too! Soon, one person can literally do everything when making a motion picture!

Following Along with the Documentation

Back to the documentation. It was available weekly to those who were registered. They were provided with a password so they could see how a movie was created, promoted and monetized. These steps could then be applied to the feature film process of of the students watching.  The incentive to make a movie was strong because this was before streaming sites like Netflix were creating their own product and were open to considering acquiring films made independently. The monetization model has changed.

Film Self Distribution and its Changes

These days if you want to make a profit from your film, you need to self-distribute it to sites like Amazon, Vimeo etc. Both are sites (as well as many others) that you can show your film on while being able take payments. The thing to remember though is that you will need to do the marketing yourself. This means that you must bring the paying customers and fans to your movie’s page.

eBook Creation Consultation

These days Art Gush is still in the business of education, but now does so through eBook creation consultation. This means that if you are interested in writing an eBook about your industry to establish yourself as an expert, you can do this with the consultation help from Art Gush. This covers all phases of eBook creation including writing, marketing, and driving sales.