Art Gush is Involved in the Creation Process of a New eBook

This work of art represents the creative process. Do you see it?

Selling Home Business Products

Although Art Gush is taking a bit of time to reinvent itself ever since the site is not doing a daily movie diary process, A.A. remains involved. Currently the big news is the development of Home Business Fun which is a methodology for creating and selling home based business products.

Distributing and Selling Can Be Challenging

Do you create and sell your own products? How is your methodology doing for you? Many times developing your own product or service is the easy part, but actually distributing and selling it can be challenging.

The eBook Arena

Thankfully Art Gush is in bed with Artist Steps .org and together they are paving the way for organization reinvention. Art Gush had a terrific run of it with tracking the procedures learned about making a feature length motion picture by just one person, and now looks to be getting back into the eBook arena!

Memories of Art Gush


I just read a blog post from today which made me think about what motivates me. Writing blog posts is something I am motivated to do for some reason. Maybe I like the attention. Yeah, that’s probably what it is.

Making Time

In the entry, the athor explains that he motivates himself by making time for what is important. Pretty obvious really, but if you’re like me you don’t always do so.


As I write this I think about how ironic it is that I am now a sometimes blogger on a website that I used to go to to be a part of the filmmaking experiment that that the writer of the blog post did. On these very pages, was doing a course about how to make a movie that requires only one person behind the scenes. I was motivated to participate in that course because I am a solopreneur and love finding out more ways one can achieve in solitude. What motivates you and why?

Change Meaning Literal Money Change Can Cause Change

Change can be done through the use of change.

When you think about it, real change can take money. So what better way to save for change than to save change! In our household we have a clear recycled bottle into which we drop our change and when there is enough change we use it to bring about change!

We’re not trying to be overly clever here, it’s just being used to demonstrate that anyone can intact change. And really you don’t just need change, you can change without change.

In the website ArtisticPreneur today there was a quote from a famous individual about the topic of change:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi

This means living by principles and taking action for change in your everyday life. Making a difference begins with being conscious that we need it such as is being done by the marketing entity called DIYdigi.

DIYdigi Partners with Art Gush for eBook Series

Successful eBook

On the one hand we have COVID-19 for which there is no vaccine as of late. While for organizations like DIYdigi, have their own vaccine for creating a successful eBook: Art Gush.

Reaching the Top

Art Gush is a good entity to partner with because they have much knowledge regarding  how to make and sell eBooks. Art Gush was of assistance for the magic eBook that reached the highest marketing list as well as author.

eBook Innovation

What is the next project for DIYdigi and Art Gush? It is to create a three part eBook series regarding how to do online. What is different about this three eBook series in development? It is the aspect that has to do with using the current application to modern technology to receive results in a whole new manner.

eBooks are What it is All About

You Do as I Do

Art Gush has gone through many changes throughout the years. For those of you out there who have been aware of this site for more than a couple of years know its history. It worked very closely with Thrillumentary on a filmmaking eLearning experiment for which a new video entry was added every day regarding the process of making the movie Thrillumentary. This procedure was looked at daily by students who in turn were working on their own films.

It’s Magic

Then Art Gush changed over to eBooks. All the video eLearning material was taken down and stored in the archives. Art Gush started to be consultants to various eBook projects including Invent Mentalism which is a book for mentalists on how to invent their own mentalism effects for their act or to sell. It was briefly on the website of an important publisher of magic eBooks.


That is where Art Gush is now: consulting. There are currently several projects in the works with USA eLearning who are making the move into more eBooks.

Planning a Campaign

The Art Gush Team is hard at work promoting “Invent Mentalism.”

Making the Author’s Dream a Reality

At Art Gush we are eBook consultants, meaning we help writers get their eBooks written and promoted. At the moment we are working with the author on an eBook entitled “Invent Mentalism” that is being created for the magic and mentalism community as a solution for updating their acts and/or developing and selling mental magic. Our team is hard at work helping to make the author’s dream a reality.

A Dream Crushed

The work, “Invent Mentalism,” and is a good example of targeting your demographic. You see, they thought they had completed the writing or their project when out of the blue in came the Coronavirus. This was a big upset for the creators personally as well as in relation to their publication because the book would no longer be relevant due to the fact that because of social distancing there were no longer audiences to invent mentalism for.

At Art Gush Promotion Was Ready, But What Now?

At Art Gush our team and their laptops were set to go, but now this big wall existed. So the author came up with a new strategy which was to add a bonus section at the beginning of “Invent Mentalism” that would give the reader insight into how to develop new income streams that did not require spectators.

Time to Plan

Finding Time to Plan in a Crisis

We are in full on Coronavirus mode and wish to thank the creative folks at ArtisticPreneur for keeping us inspired despite the times. Knowing that there are other artisticpreneurs out there is comforting. A virus can ravage our bodies but not stop our inspiration. We are finding that artists, like those at ArtisticPreneur, are able to create in the context of this COVID-19 experience.

USA How To is Our Hero

How are you doing? We would love to hear from those of you who receive the “USA How To” newsletter. We are in touch with USA How To that has only recently debuted their website which is a site to see. If you have not yet experienced their website we recommend you do so.

Finance and Humanism

Looking Into Our Crystal Ball

We’ve looked into our crystal ball and see great thing for USA HOW TO.

A New Organization

You see, we’re big fans at Art Gush of folks who do things differently than the norm. People who break new ground. And we believe we’ve found this in the new organization known as “USA HOW TO.” The reason that we have high hopes for this group is because we know the founder who usually goes by his stage name which is Marketing Magician.

Is it Simply “Cause Marketing?”

Mr. Magician has a terrific concept which is to help people to make money with their business or career through the use of marketing while simultaneously having them make a difference in their communities. At first glance for some, this may not seem that new, because you might be saying to yourself “That’s just “Cause Marketing” isn’t it?” And you’d be right. Except that Marketing Magician is doing it with a spin.

Many Forms of Marketing

Marketing Magician’s version is that he has the whole thing worked out so that on a continual basis you’ll be doing good for society, while having excellent marketing including Blog Publicity, Content Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Development and Web Consulting.

eBooks in the Works

He also has something that is a bit unusual for a Marketing Magician. He is creating and making available, eBooks. These aren’t just any eBooks but are rather marketing eBooks with topics like “How to Start an Amazon Business” and “How to Become YouTube Famous.”

Finance and Humanism

The part we like the most about this is that it is a way to be both successful as a business person as well as an activist or philanthropist. A great idea. Finance and humanism at the same time.

How to Turn a PowerPoint into an eBook

Make it a Journey of Success

Here at Art Gush we are known for our eBook creation consultations. We help point people to various paths they can choose from to make their eBook Writing Journey a success.

Going Viral

Let’s face it, content creation can be a challenging task. Studies have shown that almost 75% of video content creators have a hard time making engaging content. The blockade must be overcome to make content that can go viral.

Achieving Content

Coming up with content ideas is not the hardest part of the process. For many it is being able to develop content that the in presentation mode draws in the viewer. Achieving content that is visually appealing is not easy.

Create an eBook

And speaking of content, one of the most challenging tasks is creating an eBook. The eBook format many find difficult to achieve. Well the good news is that there is a more simple way to achieve goals and that is through starting in PowerPoint and converting it to a PDF.

Learning Curve

Indeed it is an unusual way of generating content and it is going to make a more “slide oriented” method for making it, but if you give a heads up to your readers that you are using PowerPoint, many people find it more desirable of a format because it mean keeping pages (slides) not long but simple. Because let’s face it, many want their learning curve to be as short and sweet as possible.

Letting Your Audience Know

Making an eBook is a powerful marketing tool because you can use it as a way to get people to sign up for your monthly or weekly newsletter, or even more frequent deliveries which is fine as long as you let your readers know this from the very beginning.


If you have been keeping a blog on a certain topic, but have not yet made an eBook, you can do so by repurposing your online content as first a PowerPoint presentation and then an eBook. If you are a teacher or professor as we are, it is a good idea to first test your content on a classroom of students, making note of where the interest lies. And once finding it, revising the PowerPoint content to reflect this prior to making it a PDF.

Your Promotion Strategy

If your eBook is really intended for promotion, a place where you can promote your slides is on a site call SlideShare. It apparently services 80 million users so it might fit into your promotion strategy.

Overcome the Challenges

And making an eBook doesn’t have to be a challenging process. First create the content in slideshow format, test on an audience if possible and then convert it to a PDF.

Wait to Make Committment

But what do you do with your eBook once it is a PDF? One possibility is to use it as a free giveaway in exchange for your audience signing up for your newsletter. There are many different services that you can use to do this, and like anything, it is usually best to try out a couple before committing to a particular one.

Your eBook

A fun way to create eBook content is to go to places such as the books section of Amazon and see what is a popular topic within your area of expertise, next possibly using this as the topic of your eBook/presentation.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

And needless to say, when you write and create an eBook, it establishes you as an expert in your field which is valuable especially if you are seeking readers or clients.


Although PDFs are still pretty popular, as you may know Amazon offers a different mode for their Kindle offerings. Although it costs money, Designrr can be a useful tool to convert your web posts into an eBook. Next you can output it in a variety of different formats including the one that can be converted into the Kindle on to publish on Amazon.

Ready to Help

It is important to remember just getting your eBook in the Kindle format on Amazon is not enough. You need to drive traffic to your book on Amazon if you want sales. This is where sites like USA create and Web Design Magician can help.

DIYdigi and How to Make Money as an Artist

Artist Survival Preview

We are happy to announce that there is a new artist survival PowerPoint Presentation and PDF eBook that is being made by USA Create in conjunction with Video Film Web. We have been consulting on the project and are excited by the way in which this is going to be able to change the lives of artists of all kinds through understanding commerce tactics using DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital) tools. Yianni Stamas is also involved.

Become Successful with Your Marketing

Here are written excerpts from DIYdigi’s promotion page that incudes important information on how to be successful with your marketing. Here now the excerpts:

Finally a DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital Digital) Marketing Solution

Want to do online marketing on your own but don’t know how? Are you a small business owner or artist of any kind? A solution that might work for you is to have your digital tools and website made for you, then on you own you go out and promote your company or career.

We Are Developing Such a Solution

This is called DIYdigi which stands for Do It Yourself Digital. DIYdigi is all about learning how to make money as an artist (or business). And the great news is that along with Video Film Web Consulting and Art Gush Insights we are developing such a solution.

Developing DIYdigi

Here are excerpts from one of the promotional articles being created in conjunction with developing DIYdigi:

How the So Called Next Big Thing is Toxic for Your Online Marketing

Questioning the next big thing which is really the “Already Here” thing. I’m talking of course about website builders like Wix, SquareSpace and even Godaddy. They are appealing to the DIY crowd who want to make their own sites.

Marketing Has Nuances

Unfortunately, most find it difficult to say the least creating a website with these builders. And even if some of you can’t figure out how to use the builders themselves, you can always turn to your wiz kid niece or a friend who you recruit. The problem with this is that it is going to be challenging for your new helper to not only construct your site, but also do marketing to bring traffic to your website. And if you did the targeting properly, you are going to get new customers

Get Visitors

But the really problem with Wix, SquareSpace and Godaddy is that their solutions are just about making a website and not enough on marketing that website.

Very-Very Cost Effective

Introducing DIYdigi which stands for, of course, Do It Yourself Digital. It is a solution that is either do it yourself or getting a DIYdigi professional to help you not only create your website but also offers the option to do your online marketing as well. And you are going to be shocked by how low this all costs! The thing that’s different about DIYdigi is that it makes it easier on you because the DIYdigi tools and website are built for you.

Doing it Yourself?

Next, the you go out and attempts using the DIYdigi tools referring to an eBook entitled “How to Use DIYdigi Tools to Get New Customers.” In the end you are either successful or not.

Free Stuff for Your Marketing Success

Either way, if you would like to contact us regarding more details, the best way to do this is by subscribing to our partner’s website which is You will start receiving Weekly Newsletters as well as will get a 10 day email course and Checklist eBook all free! So,  go here now!