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METHOD HOW to Turn Art Gushing Out of You into Cash Even if You are NOT Creative!

Bad Vibes are Good Vibes Too!

METHOD HOW to Change Negative Thoughts that are Holding You Back

The problem is that often we doubt ourselves which is unfortunate and not necessary. Those who study the mind and behavior would likely tell you that having a negative voice in your head comes from traumatic things you experienced in your early years. But there is no need to make it how you define yourself. Given a choice, which you have, would be to block anything that is upsetting and instead focus on achievement. As a special note, it is important to realize that you may never be able to tune out that which is holding you back, but you CAN turn the volume down! And once that volume is down (which could occur instantly if you decide that), you will be ready to take on special projects like creating and monetizing what you know into a profitable eBook.

METHOD HOW to Change How You Think About Business, if Negative

We all might need a little push now and then to get things started, but if we are not lucky enough to have a friends or family support system, we must instead depend on ourselves. But how do we do that? Simple. Just do it. Yes, annoying is that branding phrase, but it is key to you becoming who you want to become when it comes to creativity and business. Something that is helpful to many is to realize creativity is no different than business other than the result and outcome desired.

METHOD HOW to Use Three Words You Already Know to Change Your Life

We have great capacity, far beyond than we may ever know. But if you have solid Strategies DIY (Do it Yourself) and do not act on them, you are cheating yourself. Doing is not always comfortable. In fact, in general “doing” makes most people feel off balance. And the beauty of “off balance” is that on the tightrope of life, we can be “in balance.” In the end it is up to you. Do you want to implement strategies to get what you want? If yes, take action now! Plus, regardless of how you feel about this process, if you feel something, that is key. Why? Because feelings are opportunities to engage in the creative process as well as areas conventionally thought of as being restricted to business such as promoting yourself. As this technique becomes easier and easier for you, this will open up your opportunity to fully mix marketing with emotion,

METHOD HOW to do Secrets Regarding Creativity and Business

But what are you taking action on? If you think of business as being business, and creativity as being creativity, you are holding yourself back. As mentioned earlier they are one and the same thing. If you take action by internally merging within your mind creativity and business you will win. This is the stuff that inspiration is based on. Do you not consider yourself creative? Then focus on businesses and know the creativity is always there. Do you not think you have business acumen? Then harness your creativity to take you to the next level.

METHOD HOW to Create Your Own Definition of What “Art Gush” Means that Can then Help You Help Yourself!

Put simply, the term “Art Gush” means having “Art Gush out of You.” But there are many who would love to make art but do not know how. They, due to lack of support in the creative arts during childhood, now see themselves as diligent, yes, and creative, no. Would you like to experience art gushing out of you as in the concept of “Art Gush?” Of course you would! But by the same token, would you like to have the power of business in your veins? That would be delightful! Not good at either? Or so you think? Not a problem. Do you have something that you are good at? If so, hold that thought.

METHOD HOW to Prepare for Monetization

Do you have nothing you are good at except hating yourself? This too can be helpful, Art gushing out of you is art, but to clarify, “Your Art is YOU!” Did you ever notice that Art can be both negative and positive? Of course it can be. Life is full of both, therefore art reflects this. Now to move forward let whatever it is that dominates your thought process and have a MIND GUSH that is really an ART GUSH! Either will do because the point is to get it out of you however you process it. Because once you do, you can then monetize it! It is all about letting others know what they have to access from you. If you do not tell them what you are offering, they will not know. So get that marketing to the community going! The time is now to grab your moolah because you are up for the challenge!