eBook Creation Consultation is the New Art Gush Direction

Yes it’s True

eBook Creation Consultation is the new direction of Art Gush and here’s why…

We are Consultants, Not eBook Creators

We’ve been getting lots of emails asking us why eBooks, even after all these months, are still not available on our site. Our response is that we have never stopped working, it’s just that it’s become clear we are more “consultants” than an eBook selling organization. For example, is currently developing an eBook entitled “How to Get New Customers” and it WILL be released soon. We are helping them develop their methodology.

We Have a History of Documentation Acting as Lessons

Meanwhile, addressing the issue a little further about why we have decided not to sell eBooks here is because, as you may know, we spent a year and a half on this very website doing a week to week detailed movie creation experiment.

About the Experiment

Basically, for those of you who were not with us yet, we set out to prove (along with our partner Thrillumentary) that it was possible for one person in the role of a solopreneur or an ArtisticPreneur, to develop, promote, write and film a motion picture with little or no budget.

Filmmaking is for the Young?

Despite the claim that filmmaking is for the young, our method was designed for someone over 50 or even later than life. The proof was in the form of lessons for others to do, that were also a documentation of the filmmaker’s process. Folks from all over the world joined the membership program that distributed this program called Art Gush. In other words, us! We had an amazing group of ArtisticPreneurs working with us.

Documenting Ongoing Filmmaking for a Year and a Half can be Overwhelming

For those of you were subscribed to the weekly updates, we thank you for your participation and feedback. And needless to say, it was in large part the fans who made this project a success. At a Platinum PIAs (now Awards Show we revealed live and via streaming video, our process and results. Our big discovery was indeed one person could do almost every job herself/himself. So when the exploration into movie making methodologies ended, we were…Exhausted.

We are Coaching Others

The truth of the matter is that we became overwhelmed but not because we are over 50. Taking on the making of, paired with the documentation of” is a big project for someone of any age. But we are not so tired to the extent that we cannot be coaches for others. Such is the case with and their very ambitious client creation eBook. And it turns out that also relies on for cheerleading and inspiration.

ArtisticPreneur Gives up its “Over 50 USA” Identity

As you may recall, the fine folks at ArtisticPreneur had been focusing for a while on the Over 50 USA crowd but got lots of feedback from fans that they didn’t want to see a focus on the AARP crowd but prefered instead that ArtisticPreneur live up to it’s name which is, well, ArtisticPreneur as in “Artistic” meets “Entrepreneur.”

Tackling a Problem

Combining Artistic with Entrepreneur to get ArtisticPreneur is a very specific demographic. And although it is inclusive of folks over 50 who live in the USA, going the “Over 50 USA” route was limiting.

The Over 50 USA Solution

The, I believe, quite brilliant solution (to the problem of the loss of a focus by ArtisticPreneur of “Over 50 USA” material) was to literally develop for the “Over 50 USA” crowd a website just for them. Called, what else:! So if you’re over 50 or want a preview of being over 50 is like, check it out.