Create Publicity for Yourself Top 10

So you want your fifteen minutes or at least to come up in online searches. The methods that follow do work if you “work them” but do them at your own risk.

The attention we’ve been getting like here as well as here, tells us that we’ve chosen a topic for today that there is interest in.

But be cautious. Make certain that being well known is something you want because it is very difficult to turn back once you’ve started the publicity process.

Alright, take a deep breath and jump right in!

  1. Create a blog making sure that your name is in the title. You can do this for free at Blogger. It’s important to write unique content. Repeat the process again at sites like
  2. A good old staple of publicity is the creation of a press release and then submitting it to press release sites like PRlog, Free Press Release, Newswire Today, and Online PR Media.
  3. Don’t forget social. Facebook is always good and of course Twitter.
  4. Write some articles of quality making sure to include your name in the title then submit to,, and other article-based sites.
  5. Create accounts at Picasa and Flickr and place a lot of images of you with your name in the titles in various variations.
  6. Create a website or even websites in the amount of 1 or 3 or more.
  7. Be a quality submitter on forums and have your information at bottom of submissions including of course your name.
  8. Small businesses have directories so why not form a group or company with your name in the title and then submit to these directories including all the usual ones such as Google My Business, Bing, Yelp and so on.
  9. Get people you are friendly with who have blogs to put together a page for you our at least mention you in a post, ideally with your name in the title.
  10. Create videos about you and what you are doing and optimize them with your name on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Okay, there you have it, your launchpad. You’re going to have to do maintenance to make certain your online presence remains solid. Enjoy!