Monetize Your Art

Is Marketing an Art? How to Experience an “Art Gush,” or Feeling of a Gush or Rush of Creativity While You Promote Yourself or Your Business

Please note that the following written content is a rough draft of a sales page currently being written. Though, we are not yet certain whether or not we will actually be offering the educational digital product that is mentioned.

Get Results for Your Business Such as Leads/Customers While Also Having More Fun

This opportunity, as seen above at the top, has a long title, yes, I know. But it is a good form of challenge being tasked with fitting all the benefits of my educational digital product into a tile is not a breeze. The drive to get out there this new and unusual latest incarnation of a source for dynamic information could be the key that you are searching for. How do you get more new leads and not only convert them to paying customers but also find yourself enjoying being an entrepreneur again so that you experience a kind of satisfaction leading to giving yourself a well-deserved pat on your back as you should?

So is This One of those One-Size-Fits-All Hyped Up Things?

Isn’t a “one size fits all” show-biz-type-angle to be grounds for you to stop reading this thereby missing out on something truly new and exciting? First off, this is not a one size fits all approach. It is a simple and straight forward 9 step program that can easily be customized and adapted to your specific industry and type of business.

If 9 Steps for Your Business Leads to Art Gushing Out of You (Art Gush) Should You Turn off the Spicket?

Gush.” Why? Because experiencing an art gush or surge of creative inspiration while promoting yourself or you business is just one of the benefits you will get if you think about you for a moment instead of the constant chase of (as my brother calls it) moolah. Just because your business is a way of paying your bills so to speak, does not mean you can’t experience a rush of creativity. I personally think that marketing can be an art in some cases, and at the very least be your “carrot” in a good way, that keeps you psyched as you engage in your now more exciting and fulfilling business pursuits. That is the secret ingredient of my 9 steps, 8 pages easy to follow (and worth the effort) guide entitled “Marketing as an Art to Get You More Leads and Customers Using Creative Techniques in a Simple and Unique Way such as Video Promotion for Your Digital or Any Kind of Business”

The Art Gushes Out, or is it Marketing?

If you feel that you are a businessperson who has creativity, or maybe even are an, well, artist, you could feel that you are in a quandary. Even if you do not have an art form that you do in the conventional way of looking at the arts, you can still be very creative when wearing the hat of “business owner.

A core part of business is marketing. So, does that fact negate thinking, that artists cannot be marketers? Some think that. But there are those who would disagree and even build a case for “Marketing as an Art.” And as you may have noticed, the internet is full of marketing. Whether it is obvious or hidden, making a sale is often the motive whether the content appears to be artistic or not. Case in point, blogs are one of the most recommended ways to develop a base and bring in income using affiliate marketing and other forms of sales.

Too Many Offers, Flashing Lights and Hype on Planet Earth?

Marketing is on overload at this present time in the world we now live in. Search engines, or social media, or video channels or the websites of individuals, a marketing pitch is usually not too far away. In fact, we are so bombarded with marking, it makes us less and less interested in it, or at least harder to get through to us as consumers. Is marketing an art? It all depends on your point of view. And now that there is a “Mysterious and Popular Little Used Art Form Well Suited to Being a Promotion Tool,” it is just a matter of time uncovering the answer.


I bring up this mysterious type of both art and marketing, because it takes up the first 3 steps of 9 total, at the very center of a digital information product I am creating. So, in a sense, everything you have just read is a commercial. A commercial for our digital information product that I might never release. Am I trying to sell it to you by using this blog as an opportunity to possibly pique your interest? In truth, I am currently unable to answer that question because I do not really know it myself. I am on the fence about the whole thing. So as one of my performing arts teachers from my distant past on the other coast used to say: “we’ll see.” Stay tuned!

Monetize Your Art

Are You an Artist Doing Business or a Business Doing Art?

Are You an Artist Doing Business or a Business Doing Art?

Art Gush, like its partner site ArtisticPreneur, is the place where you ask the question if you are an artist (of any kind) doing business or are you a business doing art?

Your Point of View

In some ways this is determined by your point of view of how you want to be seen. You might want the world to see you as an artist but secretly you have to be a business person too since you should be managing your manager rather than the other way around.

Still Branding After All These Years

VideoFilmWeb, now closed, was at one time regarded as one of the best in New York for helping artists establish their image and brand through media services. John Yianni Stamas was the founder of this business and is still working on better and better branding systems.

An Answer to Your Existential Questions

But maybe you’ve been pondering important existential inquiries regarding your place on Earth and in the Universe (of ideas)? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. And of course it has to do with emojis. The inner dialogues or anything that you obsess about can be solved by knowing your E.A.T. sign (Emjoi ActionType). This Emoji Quiz was developed by folks from VideoFilmWeb and John Yianni Stamas.

Bottom Line

The bottom line truth about this quiz is that it is a marketing tool to get new clients to in turn help get new clients. If that makes sense. Anyway, it is part parody and part engagement facilitator. Our concept was simple. We’d make a tool that would take the user through a series of questions to discover if she or he was a fit with us. Some people will probably find it funny and get the joke, while others will question it.

Monetize Your Art

Getting a Voice in Your Field

So it turns out that just about anyone can be a podcaster, which is a very good thing. An interesting blog post showed up today over at the ArtisticPreneur blog. Although the article is very short it touches upon a novel idea which is that you can actually monetize your life. Meaning that if you let people have a window into what your life and art is about (such as through podcasting), you can develop compelling content. I’m not sure I’m explaining it very well, so you might want to check it out here.