“Art Gush” Reveals How to Better Understand Your Audience and Not Underestimate their Intelligence

The Relationship Between Content and Your Offer

Once they are reading your newsletter on a weekly (some people provide info daily but this can lead to “unsubscribes”) basis you can build trust by providing them with an emphasis on quality content. A tad of advertising can be done maybe in a “P.S.” at the bottom that lets folks know what you can do for them relative to what your content has been about.

Never Underestimate Your Audience

But never forget that people who read what you write are smart. They know that your newsletter or social media offering is intended to have them buy from you. So you need to be smart in turn and give them what they want. If they learn to value your information and it makes a difference in their business or lives, they will purchase from you.

Pain Gets Results

Something to consider is solving your reader’s pain points. Studies have shown that it is more likely will buy from you if the problem you solve for them relieves to pain. This is because pain can lead to them quickly getting what you offer so that they do not feel the pain anymore.

Social Media is a Carrier

If you are utilizing social media you need to choose what social media format makes the most sense to use in conjunction with reaching out to your followers. The assumption is that you have as social media at least the basics such as a Facebook or Snapchat accounts as well as Twitter, Instagram etc. For best results the key is to think of social media as the carriers of your content.

Do Your Metrics

Be sure to measure the metrics of all the activity you are doing toward a desired CTA (Call to Action). If you look at statistics after sending out a mass email or using social media it will help you learn more about how your information you are offer if you analyze results.

Solve Their Problems

Critical to success requires learning about how your audience is responding or NOT responding to your offers. Measuring the needs of your demographic is an ongoing process because clients can change what they want and how they want it. If you are not tuned into this you can conceivably lose out on them being regular readers or customers. Bottom line, your job is to solve their problems within your industry.