Monetize Your Art

Are You an Artist Doing Business or a Business Doing Art?

Are You an Artist Doing Business or a Business Doing Art?

Art Gush, like its partner site ArtisticPreneur, is the place where you ask the question if you are an artist (of any kind) doing business or are you a business doing art?

Your Point of View

In some ways this is determined by your point of view of how you want to be seen. You might want the world to see you as an artist but secretly you have to be a business person too since you should be managing your manager rather than the other way around.

Still Branding After All These Years

VideoFilmWeb, now closed, was at one time regarded as one of the best in New York for helping artists establish their image and brand through media services. John Yianni Stamas was the founder of this business and is still working on better and better branding systems.

An Answer to Your Existential Questions

But maybe you’ve been pondering important existential inquiries regarding your place on Earth and in the Universe (of ideas)? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. And of course it has to do with emojis. The inner dialogues or anything that you obsess about can be solved by knowing your E.A.T. sign (Emjoi ActionType). This Emoji Quiz was developed by folks from VideoFilmWeb and John Yianni Stamas.

Bottom Line

The bottom line truth about this quiz is that it is a marketing tool to get new clients to in turn help get new clients. If that makes sense. Anyway, it is part parody and part engagement facilitator. Our concept was simple. We’d make a tool that would take the user through a series of questions to discover if she or he was a fit with us. Some people will probably find it funny and get the joke, while others will question it.