Art Gush Announcement – We No Longer Create eBooks But Teach Methods

Effortlessly Read Our Clients’ eBooks in Just 10 Minutes or Less

Are you an artist of any kind or a business owner who wants get on track right now to get more customers, clients and fans? Imagine being able to do an easy digital download to quickly get the knowledge you need. Because let’s face it, your time is valuable. And no one wants to waste over an an hour or so reading an eBook when they can get that same information if not better from an ArtisticPreneur eBook in just 10 minutes or less.

Exclusive Easy to Implement Information that is University Approved

We create our eBooks by converting actual PowerPoint files that we used in recent New York City college and university presentations. This means that our eBooks are just 1-3 sentences per page plus use large fonts. And that’s not all, each one is 30 pages or less. Additionally the information is easy to implement too so you can quickly get on to the path to get more customers, clients and fans. To access your eBooks you need to sign up for the free ArtisticPreneur Newsletter which gives you weekly marketing tips to get results.