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Looking Into Our Crystal Ball

We’ve looked into our crystal ball and see great thing for USA HOW TO.

A New Organization

You see, we’re big fans at Art Gush of folks who do things differently than the norm. People who break new ground. And we believe we’ve found this in the new organization known as “USA HOW TO.” The reason that we have high hopes for this group is because we know the founder who usually goes by his stage name which is Marketing Magician.

Is it Simply “Cause Marketing?”

Mr. Magician has a terrific concept which is to help people to make money with their business or career through the use of marketing while simultaneously having them make a difference in their communities. At first glance for some, this may not seem that new, because you might be saying to yourself “That’s just “Cause Marketing” isn’t it?” And you’d be right. Except that Marketing Magician is doing it with a spin.

Many Forms of Marketing

Marketing Magician’s version is that he has the whole thing worked out so that on a continual basis you’ll be doing good for society, while having excellent marketing including Blog Publicity, Content Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Development and Web Consulting.

eBooks in the Works

He also has something that is a bit unusual for a Marketing Magician. He is creating and making available, eBooks. These aren’t just any eBooks but are rather marketing eBooks with topics like “How to Start an Amazon Business” and “How to Become YouTube Famous.”

Finance and Humanism

The part we like the most about this is that it is a way to be both successful as a business person as well as an activist or philanthropist. A great idea. Finance and humanism at the same time.

How to Turn a PowerPoint into an eBook

Make it a Journey of Success

Here at Art Gush we are known for our eBook creation consultations. We help point people to various paths they can choose from to make their eBook Writing Journey a success.

Going Viral

Let’s face it, content creation can be a challenging task. Studies have shown that almost 75% of video content creators have a hard time making engaging content. The blockade must be overcome to make content that can go viral.

Achieving Content

Coming up with content ideas is not the hardest part of the process. For many it is being able to develop content that the in presentation mode draws in the viewer. Achieving content that is visually appealing is not easy.

Create an eBook

And speaking of content, one of the most challenging tasks is creating an eBook. The eBook format many find difficult to achieve. Well the good news is that there is a more simple way to achieve goals and that is through starting in PowerPoint and converting it to a PDF.

Learning Curve

Indeed it is an unusual way of generating content and it is going to make a more “slide oriented” method for making it, but if you give a heads up to your readers that you are using PowerPoint, many people find it more desirable of a format because it mean keeping pages (slides) not long but simple. Because let’s face it, many want their learning curve to be as short and sweet as possible.

Letting Your Audience Know

Making an eBook is a powerful marketing tool because you can use it as a way to get people to sign up for your monthly or weekly newsletter, or even more frequent deliveries which is fine as long as you let your readers know this from the very beginning.


If you have been keeping a blog on a certain topic, but have not yet made an eBook, you can do so by repurposing your online content as first a PowerPoint presentation and then an eBook. If you are a teacher or professor as we are, it is a good idea to first test your content on a classroom of students, making note of where the interest lies. And once finding it, revising the PowerPoint content to reflect this prior to making it a PDF.

Your Promotion Strategy

If your eBook is really intended for promotion, a place where you can promote your slides is on a site call SlideShare. It apparently services 80 million users so it might fit into your promotion strategy.

Overcome the Challenges

And making an eBook doesn’t have to be a challenging process. First create the content in slideshow format, test on an audience if possible and then convert it to a PDF.

Wait to Make Committment

But what do you do with your eBook once it is a PDF? One possibility is to use it as a free giveaway in exchange for your audience signing up for your newsletter. There are many different services that you can use to do this, and like anything, it is usually best to try out a couple before committing to a particular one.

Your eBook

A fun way to create eBook content is to go to places such as the books section of Amazon and see what is a popular topic within your area of expertise, next possibly using this as the topic of your eBook/presentation.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

And needless to say, when you write and create an eBook, it establishes you as an expert in your field which is valuable especially if you are seeking readers or clients.


Although PDFs are still pretty popular, as you may know Amazon offers a different mode for their Kindle offerings. Although it costs money, Designrr can be a useful tool to convert your web posts into an eBook. Next you can output it in a variety of different formats including the one that can be converted into the Kindle on to publish on Amazon.

Ready to Help

It is important to remember just getting your eBook in the Kindle format on Amazon is not enough. You need to drive traffic to your book on Amazon if you want sales. This is where sites like USA create and Web Design Magician can help.

DIYdigi and How to Make Money as an Artist

Artist Survival Preview

We are happy to announce that there is a new artist survival PowerPoint Presentation and PDF eBook that is being made by USA Create in conjunction with Video Film Web. We have been consulting on the project and are excited by the way in which this is going to be able to change the lives of artists of all kinds through understanding commerce tactics using DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital) tools. Yianni Stamas is also involved.

Become Successful with Your Marketing

Here are written excerpts from DIYdigi’s promotion page that incudes important information on how to be successful with your marketing. Here now the excerpts:

Finally a DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital Digital) Marketing Solution

Want to do online marketing on your own but don’t know how? Are you a small business owner or artist of any kind? A solution that might work for you is to have your digital tools and website made for you, then on you own you go out and promote your company or career.

We Are Developing Such a Solution

This is called DIYdigi which stands for Do It Yourself Digital. DIYdigi is all about learning how to make money as an artist (or business). And the great news is that along with Video Film Web Consulting and Art Gush Insights we are developing such a solution.

Developing DIYdigi

Here are excerpts from one of the promotional articles being created in conjunction with developing DIYdigi:

How the So Called Next Big Thing is Toxic for Your Online Marketing

Questioning the next big thing which is really the “Already Here” thing. I’m talking of course about website builders like Wix, SquareSpace and even Godaddy. They are appealing to the DIY crowd who want to make their own sites.

Marketing Has Nuances

Unfortunately, most find it difficult to say the least creating a website with these builders. And even if some of you can’t figure out how to use the builders themselves, you can always turn to your wiz kid niece or a friend who you recruit. The problem with this is that it is going to be challenging for your new helper to not only construct your site, but also do marketing to bring traffic to your website. And if you did the targeting properly, you are going to get new customers

Get Visitors

But the really problem with Wix, SquareSpace and Godaddy is that their solutions are just about making a website and not enough on marketing that website.

Very-Very Cost Effective

Introducing DIYdigi which stands for, of course, Do It Yourself Digital. It is a solution that is either do it yourself or getting a DIYdigi professional to help you not only create your website but also offers the option to do your online marketing as well. And you are going to be shocked by how low this all costs! The thing that’s different about DIYdigi is that it makes it easier on you because the DIYdigi tools and website are built for you.

Doing it Yourself?

Next, the you go out and attempts using the DIYdigi tools referring to an eBook entitled “How to Use DIYdigi Tools to Get New Customers.” In the end you are either successful or not.

Free Stuff for Your Marketing Success

Either way, if you would like to contact us regarding more details, the best way to do this is by subscribing to our partner’s website which is You will start receiving Weekly Newsletters as well as will get a 10 day email course and Checklist eBook all free! So,  go here now!

Are You an Artist Doing Business or a Business Doing Art?

Are You an Artist Doing Business or a Business Doing Art?

Art Gush, like its partner site ArtisticPreneur, is the place where you ask the question if you are an artist (of any kind) doing business or are you a business doing art?

Your Point of View

In some ways this is determined by your point of view of how you want to be seen. You might want the world to see you as an artist but secretly you have to be a business person too since you should be managing your manager rather than the other way around.

Still Branding After All These Years

VideoFilmWeb, now closed, was at one time regarded as one of the best in New York for helping artists establish their image and brand through media services. John Yianni Stamas was the founder of this business and is still working on better and better branding systems.

An Answer to Your Existential Questions

But maybe you’ve been pondering important existential inquiries regarding your place on Earth and in the Universe (of ideas)? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. And of course it has to do with emojis. The inner dialogues or anything that you obsess about can be solved by knowing your E.A.T. sign (Emjoi ActionType). This Emoji Quiz was developed by folks from VideoFilmWeb and John Yianni Stamas.

Bottom Line

The bottom line truth about this quiz is that it is a marketing tool to get new clients to in turn help get new clients. If that makes sense. Anyway, it is part parody and part engagement facilitator. Our concept was simple. We’d make a tool that would take the user through a series of questions to discover if she or he was a fit with us. Some people will probably find it funny and get the joke, while others will question it.

eBook Creation Consultation is the New Art Gush Direction

Yes it’s True

eBook Creation Consultation is the new direction of Art Gush and here’s why…

We are Consultants, Not eBook Creators

We’ve been getting lots of emails asking us why eBooks, even after all these months, are still not available on our site. Our response is that we have never stopped working, it’s just that it’s become clear we are more “consultants” than an eBook selling organization. For example, is currently developing an eBook entitled “How to Get New Customers” and it WILL be released soon. We are helping them develop their methodology.

We Have a History of Documentation Acting as Lessons

Meanwhile, addressing the issue a little further about why we have decided not to sell eBooks here is because, as you may know, we spent a year and a half on this very website doing a week to week detailed movie creation experiment.

About the Experiment

Basically, for those of you who were not with us yet, we set out to prove (along with our partner Thrillumentary) that it was possible for one person in the role of a solopreneur or an ArtisticPreneur, to develop, promote, write and film a motion picture with little or no budget.

Filmmaking is for the Young?

Despite the claim that filmmaking is for the young, our method was designed for someone over 50 or even later than life. The proof was in the form of lessons for others to do, that were also a documentation of the filmmaker’s process. Folks from all over the world joined the membership program that distributed this program called Art Gush. In other words, us! We had an amazing group of ArtisticPreneurs working with us.

Documenting Ongoing Filmmaking for a Year and a Half can be Overwhelming

For those of you were subscribed to the weekly updates, we thank you for your participation and feedback. And needless to say, it was in large part the fans who made this project a success. At a Platinum PIAs (now Awards Show we revealed live and via streaming video, our process and results. Our big discovery was indeed one person could do almost every job herself/himself. So when the exploration into movie making methodologies ended, we were…Exhausted.

We are Coaching Others

The truth of the matter is that we became overwhelmed but not because we are over 50. Taking on the making of, paired with the documentation of” is a big project for someone of any age. But we are not so tired to the extent that we cannot be coaches for others. Such is the case with and their very ambitious client creation eBook. And it turns out that also relies on for cheerleading and inspiration.

ArtisticPreneur Gives up its “Over 50 USA” Identity

As you may recall, the fine folks at ArtisticPreneur had been focusing for a while on the Over 50 USA crowd but got lots of feedback from fans that they didn’t want to see a focus on the AARP crowd but prefered instead that ArtisticPreneur live up to it’s name which is, well, ArtisticPreneur as in “Artistic” meets “Entrepreneur.”

Tackling a Problem

Combining Artistic with Entrepreneur to get ArtisticPreneur is a very specific demographic. And although it is inclusive of folks over 50 who live in the USA, going the “Over 50 USA” route was limiting.

The Over 50 USA Solution

The, I believe, quite brilliant solution (to the problem of the loss of a focus by ArtisticPreneur of “Over 50 USA” material) was to literally develop for the “Over 50 USA” crowd a website just for them. Called, what else:! So if you’re over 50 or want a preview of being over 50 is like, check it out.

Create Publicity for Yourself Top 10

So you want your fifteen minutes or at least to come up in online searches. The methods that follow do work if you “work them” but do them at your own risk.

The attention we’ve been getting like here as well as here, tells us that we’ve chosen a topic for today that there is interest in.

But be cautious. Make certain that being well known is something you want because it is very difficult to turn back once you’ve started the publicity process.

Alright, take a deep breath and jump right in!

  1. Create a blog making sure that your name is in the title. You can do this for free at Blogger. It’s important to write unique content. Repeat the process again at sites like
  2. A good old staple of publicity is the creation of a press release and then submitting it to press release sites like PRlog, Free Press Release, Newswire Today, and Online PR Media.
  3. Don’t forget social. Facebook is always good and of course Twitter.
  4. Write some articles of quality making sure to include your name in the title then submit to,, and other article-based sites.
  5. Create accounts at Picasa and Flickr and place a lot of images of you with your name in the titles in various variations.
  6. Create a website or even websites in the amount of 1 or 3 or more.
  7. Be a quality submitter on forums and have your information at bottom of submissions including of course your name.
  8. Small businesses have directories so why not form a group or company with your name in the title and then submit to these directories including all the usual ones such as Google My Business, Bing, Yelp and so on.
  9. Get people you are friendly with who have blogs to put together a page for you our at least mention you in a post, ideally with your name in the title.
  10. Create videos about you and what you are doing and optimize them with your name on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Okay, there you have it, your launchpad. You’re going to have to do maintenance to make certain your online presence remains solid. Enjoy!

Getting a Voice in Your Field

So it turns out that just about anyone can be a podcaster, which is a very good thing. An interesting blog post showed up today over at the ArtisticPreneur blog. Although the article is very short it touches upon a novel idea which is that you can actually monetize your life. Meaning that if you let people have a window into what your life and art is about (such as through podcasting), you can develop compelling content. I’m not sure I’m explaining it very well, so you might want to check it out here.


Yianni Stamas announces that finally an eBook is available

Get your free eBook now.

Yianni Stamas here, paying a visit to Art Gush to announce that indeed an eBook is finally available but only for a limited time.

Get the Free eBook in Conjunction with Subscribing to a Newsletter

If you go to right here you will be able to sign up for the ArtisticPreneur Weekly Newsletter (real life tips on digital marketing) and in the process will be emailed your eBook entitled “35 Easy Tips for ArtisticPreneurs to Get New Customers & Fans Online.”

Only for a Limited Time

But this eBook will literally only be available for free for a little while. Why? Because ArtisticPreneur plans to make a different eBook available instead soon. The best of both worlds would be to get the eBook here right now and then later check out when the next eBook is online.

Newsletter will Give You eBook Updates

Also, a good thing about being signed up for the newsletter is that it will let you know when the next eBook can be downloaded. So go right now here to download your eBook and break a leg (a theater term for good luck)!

Digital Tools Muse to the Rescue?

As seen in this image, must we wait for the speedy Digital Tools Muse to come to our rescue before the eBook is released? Possibly. But it depends on who you talk to. Some ArtisticPreneurs are going to want to create the tools themselves which is the argument for releasing now rather than later the info product “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.”

A Month Later and No Movement

So it’s pretty much exactly a month later and we’re still in the same place: no movement made in getting Digital Downloads Store in place. We apologize for the delay, especially since based on your responses there is a demand and interest in the eBook entitled “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.”

Who’s at Fault?

We don’t want to place blame but as of yesterday the ArtisticPreneur crew at Yianni Stamas’ blog are openingly taking the responsibility for not moving on on the store. As is explained in a post here, the ArtisticPreneur group keeps facing challenges.

Some Details About the eBook

Since we have a copy of the impending eBook we thought it might be nice to give you some previews of what you’ll find once the digital product is finally released. First off, having read the entire digital product, it actually makes sense this hasn’t been published online yet because it references the need of some products and services which themselves are not available yet. That said, it doesn’t mean those products and services are actually needed from the specific vendor behind the eBook, but for some, creating these items could prove challenging.

So that May Explain it

Like we said, it could be a good thing the eBook has been held back since some of the resources you would need to implement the system aren’t even available yet. We did follow up with the vendor and asked them when the resources will be available. They were very nice but very vague about when the tools for the method could be counted on.

Back to Square One

So we’re back to square one, though at least with a little bit of insight. The digital product can’t come out until the optional resources are available. Without getting too specific about what these resources are, it make sense to have these available if the reader wants to get them. Again, you could read this info publication and decide that you could create for yourself the tools. And this just might be a viable solution for those who are handy at making digital tools and what not. But for all the rest of us, we probably would at least want the info as a door to maybe pass through if we decided to do as such.

Art Gush Fans Eagerly Await the First eBook Download

Yianni Stamas eBook
The Yianni Stamas eBook will be available soon (hopefully) because, Spoiler’s Alert, the publication has been written!

Still No eBook But Progress has Been Made!

Art Gush, once it is up and running, will be the online place to get instantly downloadable ArtisticPreneur eBooks that show you how, as an ArtisticPreneur, to get more customers, clients and fans.

Art Gush, because of their history of being a respected educational membership site, have been fortunate in gathering a group of supportive folks who recognize how valuable the forthcoming eBooks will be to their ArtisticPreneur careers.

Here’s an excerpt from our last Art Gush post:

“…But since it is our first of many eBook releases we want it to be just right. If you have any ideas on the kind of eBook topics you’d like to see on the Art Gush site we’d love to hear from you.”

It’s Good We Waited, Here’s Why According to Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Turns out it was a good idea indeed to spend the majority of last month combing through all of your suggestions and ideas for eBooks. It seems that you have a strong interest in getting more customers, clients and fans in conjunction with being an ArtisticPreneur. That was the through line.

We also got comments from some of you that you miss the Membership Educational Sit that Art Gush used to be. If you haven’t already seen it, there is an article in the new and improved Entertainment Entrepreneurship website, on the topic of how YOU can create YOUR OWN membership site!

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“Even a single online course can potentially make a difference in the lives of thousands. And if you become an online course developer exploring the topic of art or entertainment, making a difference in the lives of others can be very satisfying.”

We’re Getting a Bit Off Topic so Here’s the Big News!

The big news is that the first eBook has been created by Yianni Stamas and company and is going to be entitled something along the lines of “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” We’re a day late in reporting this because Mr. Stamas did so himself yesterday on his site, but we forgive him because he is the author of this, the first eBook.

Here’s part of what Yianni said on his blog yesterday:

“As some of you know, I’ve been putting together an eBook to be called something along the lines of “For ArtisticPreneurs Only: How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” The book originally was in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that we did live at a summit event at State University of New York, Empire State College.”

The eBook is Still Not Up on Art Gush but the Book Itself has Been Completed!

Stamas would not give us any specifics on the publication other than that it fulfills its title. Nor do we know when the eBook will actually be uploaded to Art Gush and made available to the general public. I guess just like everyone else we’ll have to wait and see!