Although Some Say that Introverts are More Likely to Engage in an Art Gush, while Extraverts Appear to Be Better in Business, Make Way for the Startup Extrovert Who is the Best of Both Worlds?!

Are you a Startup Introvert with an entrepreneurial venture, or an introvert who wants to start their own company? Then stop reading this and act now to acquire this “Method How” Report and Strategy, because you have something to beware of and that which you should take great caution while attempting it. You are facing danger. I wish someone had told me. The danger is being faced in competition in the market by Business Extraverts. Startup Introverts, in order to have a chance at success, have much to learn.

From the very beginning introverts are not wired for success in the U.S. Because of COVID, inflation, a country divided, violence and more. But that is not all. They are for goodness sakes introverts, so competing in business is not going to be easy when you are dealing with easily extraverted extraverts. Their very name suggests an ease in chatting with customers and clients to be.

While Startup Introverts? How will they do? Unfortunately, there has been a statistical negative dip for Startup Introverts. Pandemic and more has resulted in introverts not doing as well as entrepreneurs, while many Business Extraverts are doing quite well. Startup Introverts do have the opportunity to be exposed to education in the area of Introvert Power, which for those who are quiet, it is easy to learn.

With Fear Popping Up Everywhere Like a Geiser, Dr. Doer Faces it by Giving Recognition to Others for Giving Back

Dr. Doer says to “Celebrate those who are creative and thoughtful and stay on their Doer Path!”

He further clarified:

“If you stay on your DOER PATH you can get rid of all your fears once and for all.”


Dr. Doer seems to be popping up a lot lately with his “Stay on Your Doer Path” philosophy. He says that you can permanently get rid of being afraid of staying on your Doer Path. We say back to him with much respect,

“Doc, it ain’t possible to not be afraid of some things. We’re all human.”

Finally, Dr. Doer, he admitted that fear cannot be expunged in all areas of life. He also further clarified that some fear is actually good. Like the classic scenario of avoiding getting run over by a speeding car so you jump to the side to avoid getting run over.

Fear is everywhere in this time period of violence and other atrocities, so what is one to do? How do we get back more hope? 


One thing that we agree with Dr. Doer about, is the importance of letting people know when they are doing a great job at something. As human beings, regardless of how cut off we from interpersonal relationships, we all enjoy a heartfelt, authentic and true complement from another, especially from someone we respect.

Why Start an Awards Show when Parts of the World are Being Destroyed? Aren’t there More Important Things to Ruminate On?

In the end, at least in these days of tragedy, it comes down to your confidence in yourself and the feeling of peace with others, as in being united as citizens of your country. That is where the recognition of others comes in. It can be a powerful tool to maintain your neighborhood with a brighter outlook.

It Worked for the People Who introduced the Platinum PIAs, and it Can Work for YOU!

There are inevitably small business owners and artists who are making a difference in your local area both online and off, so why not award those who help others?

Who Should be Nominated and Ultimately Win in Your Awards Show?

Doers. Doers are capable of giving back in a big way. Why doers? 

A doer, in our mind is someone, who regardless of what obstacles they face, keep moving on track on their Doer Path.

Yes, but that Still Does Not Answer the Question of “Why Start and Awards Show?”

Recognition. Recognition. Recognition. Focused on the good!


The answer to this question at first glance is a quite certain “No!” But as Dr. Doer said to us, all things are relative. He believed that if you were to do your own community awards show, that the level of positive impact your neighborhood event could have on locals, can be compared in a relative way to big and famous awards shows. I guess what doc meant is that when a community member gets recognition from their community it can be quite meaningful!

You can still Be on the Doer Path, while Simultaneously Being on the Give Back Path!

As your career and small business continues to grow, so does your mouthpiece to spread hope. Use what you have. Even if your starting of an awards show is symbolic of how you are leading your life, it is a good thing to recognize others for what they are doing toward making a difference in this world.

ArtisticPreneurs Can Make it Happen for Themselves and Others

You can be an artist and a businessperson when you are an artisticpreneur.

ArtisticPreneurs Unite!

Although the paradigm of an artist and representation is alive and well here in the USA, if you lift open the hood, when it comes to these situations, you learn that things are not always as they might seem. This is primarily on the part of the artist. You see, although there are examples of the artist/agent thing working, in the end, the artist must be an artisticpreneur.

Dr. Doer says “A part of easing fear can be to celebrate those who are creative and thoughtful!”

Is Marketing an Art? How to Experience an “Art Gush,” or Feeling of a Gush or Rush of Creativity While You Promote Yourself or Your Business

Please note that the following written content is a rough draft of a sales page currently being written. Though, we are not yet certain whether or not we will actually be offering the educational digital product that is mentioned.

Get Results for Your Business Such as Leads/Customers While Also Having More Fun

This opportunity, as seen above at the top, has a long title, yes, I know. But it is a good form of challenge being tasked with fitting all the benefits of my educational digital product into a tile is not a breeze. The drive to get out there this new and unusual latest incarnation of a source for dynamic information could be the key that you are searching for. How do you get more new leads and not only convert them to paying customers but also find yourself enjoying being an entrepreneur again so that you experience a kind of satisfaction leading to giving yourself a well-deserved pat on your back as you should?

So is This One of those One-Size-Fits-All Hyped Up Things?

Isn’t a “one size fits all” show-biz-type-angle to be grounds for you to stop reading this thereby missing out on something truly new and exciting? First off, this is not a one size fits all approach. It is a simple and straight forward 9 step program that can easily be customized and adapted to your specific industry and type of business.

If 9 Steps for Your Business Leads to Art Gushing Out of You (Art Gush) Should You Turn off the Spicket?

Gush.” Why? Because experiencing an art gush or surge of creative inspiration while promoting yourself or you business is just one of the benefits you will get if you think about you for a moment instead of the constant chase of (as my brother calls it) moolah. Just because your business is a way of paying your bills so to speak, does not mean you can’t experience a rush of creativity. I personally think that marketing can be an art in some cases, and at the very least be your “carrot” in a good way, that keeps you psyched as you engage in your now more exciting and fulfilling business pursuits. That is the secret ingredient of my 9 steps, 8 pages easy to follow (and worth the effort) guide entitled “Marketing as an Art to Get You More Leads and Customers Using Creative Techniques in a Simple and Unique Way such as Video Promotion for Your Digital or Any Kind of Business”

The Art Gushes Out, or is it Marketing?

If you feel that you are a businessperson who has creativity, or maybe even are an, well, artist, you could feel that you are in a quandary. Even if you do not have an art form that you do in the conventional way of looking at the arts, you can still be very creative when wearing the hat of “business owner.

A core part of business is marketing. So, does that fact negate thinking, that artists cannot be marketers? Some think that. But there are those who would disagree and even build a case for “Marketing as an Art.” And as you may have noticed, the internet is full of marketing. Whether it is obvious or hidden, making a sale is often the motive whether the content appears to be artistic or not. Case in point, blogs are one of the most recommended ways to develop a base and bring in income using affiliate marketing and other forms of sales.

Too Many Offers, Flashing Lights and Hype on Planet Earth?

Marketing is on overload at this present time in the world we now live in. Search engines, or social media, or video channels or the websites of individuals, a marketing pitch is usually not too far away. In fact, we are so bombarded with marking, it makes us less and less interested in it, or at least harder to get through to us as consumers. Is marketing an art? It all depends on your point of view. And now that there is a “Mysterious and Popular Little Used Art Form Well Suited to Being a Promotion Tool,” it is just a matter of time uncovering the answer.


I bring up this mysterious type of both art and marketing, because it takes up the first 3 steps of 9 total, at the very center of a digital information product I am creating. So, in a sense, everything you have just read is a commercial. A commercial for our digital information product that I might never release. Am I trying to sell it to you by using this blog as an opportunity to possibly pique your interest? In truth, I am currently unable to answer that question because I do not really know it myself. I am on the fence about the whole thing. So as one of my performing arts teachers from my distant past on the other coast used to say: “we’ll see.” Stay tuned!

Rethinking Education

Art Gush: the Early Years

In its early years, Art Gush was our online destination for our approximately one and a half year long educational experiment. We were testing out the idea that a course could be taught on the web through “reality based” documentation. In other words, the students would have a window into the behind the scenes of the “making of” an actual feature film, empowering them as they work on their own flicks.

Ready Made for Solopreneurs

The reason the course resonated with many “solopreneurs” is because our technique enabled introverts to be able to make a film without needing a crew. The filmmaker wears many hats including writer, director, producer, promoter and so on. The shy person using the filmmaking methodology did it all alone. The only required collaborators were actors.. Though, soon enough, technology will be readily available for the use of all, that allows one to digitally create the actors too! Soon, one person can literally do everything when making a motion picture!

Following Along with the Documentation

Back to the documentation. It was available weekly to those who were registered. They were provided with a password so they could see how a movie was created, promoted and monetized. These steps could then be applied to the feature film process of of the students watching.  The incentive to make a movie was strong because this was before streaming sites like Netflix were creating their own product and were open to considering acquiring films made independently. The monetization model has changed.

Film Self Distribution and its Changes

These days if you want to make a profit from your film, you need to self-distribute it to sites like Amazon, Vimeo etc. Both are sites (as well as many others) that you can show your film on while being able take payments. The thing to remember though is that you will need to do the marketing yourself. This means that you must bring the paying customers and fans to your movie’s page.

eBook Creation Consultation

These days Art Gush is still in the business of education, but now does so through eBook creation consultation. This means that if you are interested in writing an eBook about your industry to establish yourself as an expert, you can do this with the consultation help from Art Gush. This covers all phases of eBook creation including writing, marketing, and driving sales.

“Art Gush” Reveals How to Better Understand Your Audience and Not Underestimate their Intelligence

The Relationship Between Content and Your Offer

Once they are reading your newsletter on a weekly (some people provide info daily but this can lead to “unsubscribes”) basis you can build trust by providing them with an emphasis on quality content. A tad of advertising can be done maybe in a “P.S.” at the bottom that lets folks know what you can do for them relative to what your content has been about.

Never Underestimate Your Audience

But never forget that people who read what you write are smart. They know that your newsletter or social media offering is intended to have them buy from you. So you need to be smart in turn and give them what they want. If they learn to value your information and it makes a difference in their business or lives, they will purchase from you.

Pain Gets Results

Something to consider is solving your reader’s pain points. Studies have shown that it is more likely will buy from you if the problem you solve for them relieves to pain. This is because pain can lead to them quickly getting what you offer so that they do not feel the pain anymore.

Social Media is a Carrier

If you are utilizing social media you need to choose what social media format makes the most sense to use in conjunction with reaching out to your followers. The assumption is that you have as social media at least the basics such as a Facebook or Snapchat accounts as well as Twitter, Instagram etc. For best results the key is to think of social media as the carriers of your content.

Do Your Metrics

Be sure to measure the metrics of all the activity you are doing toward a desired CTA (Call to Action). If you look at statistics after sending out a mass email or using social media it will help you learn more about how your information you are offer if you analyze results.

Solve Their Problems

Critical to success requires learning about how your audience is responding or NOT responding to your offers. Measuring the needs of your demographic is an ongoing process because clients can change what they want and how they want it. If you are not tuned into this you can conceivably lose out on them being regular readers or customers. Bottom line, your job is to solve their problems within your industry.

Yianni Stamas Speaks to Innovation on Emmett Kelly Day

Turn it Upside Down

Today, December 9th is Emmett Kelly Day, the day that we celebrate an American genius who was willing to go up against was considered initially “the right way” and turned it upside down, literally. You see most clowns during that period had upturned smiles which Kelly put upside down into a frown.

Allowing Others to Catch Up

At first no presenters bit. Emmett Kelly was ostracized for being different. But when the country entered into the depths of the Great Depression, there was a willingness to put on the stage a character that was a reflection of the sad times. Kelly had the ingenuity earlier and the country had to catch up to him.

Emmett Kelly Day

Today, December 9th is Emmett Kelly Day. It is a time that we can pause and learn from Emmett Kelly about the importance, especially in these times, to have the bravery of trying out something new. Being the first does not necessarily result in recognition. Sometimes those who copy and then promote themselves are perceived as first when they are not. Thankfully Kelly pushed the boundaries and was celebrated for it. Happy Emmett Kelly Day!

Making Ancient Wisdom Useful

Making Wisdom Useful

Art Gush was founded in conjunction with arts, spirituality and ancient wisdom. But at A.G. we believe that if you are going to speak about ancient wisdom there can potentially be great barriers of acceptance that can only be overcome by making that wisdom useful.

The idea here is that your internal belief is more important than the ritual itself.

In other words, lets say you want to get in touch with yourself via ceremony and you break out the incense and clay paraphernalia. You have recently been dumped by someone and you want to let the pain go that you are feeling. If you were to do a ritual now, immediately after a very painful experience of being “thrown out” out, chances are that no amount of cosmic candles are going to make a difference. You are in pain and hopefully one day that pain will.

Stopping Dark Emotions

But let us say that you discovered that your past lover was a psycho and had killed those of past relationships had. Will you still pine about this individual. If you are at least somewhat grounded, through the shock you will be more likely to stop experiencing the dark emotions.

Think of a Cake

In other words your belief changed. First you felt extreme love for this person and then on finding out more about who they really are, you can let them go faster, and now the incense is icing on the already tasty cake!

Our History

The Journey

Art Gush has gone through the gamut by first starting as a site for exploring the techniques for making a feature film by only one person, and then replacing that content with becoming consults for eBook Creation.

Working with Amazon

The process of making has become very simplified, making it possible to release learning materials in PDF format. Even selling eBooks on sites like Amazon is simple with the process being to create a Microsoft Word Document then presenting it. If accepted, Amazon will do the conversion of your file into one that works with their eBook system.

Self Promotion

If you do go the Amazon direction, you will need to self promote to be successful such as having the blogs of the blog publicity entity known as Blog Coalition create stories for you on 3 or so of their top blogs that relate to your industry. But that is just the beginning, you must also do things such as working with Amazon’s advertising or search engines such as Google, Bing and more.

Creative Process

First off, we are not going to get into the technical aspects of any of the tools we bring to your attention. There are many helpful articles online to find out the “how” of using your various tools. That said, we are now going to deconstruct the tactics and strategy of each of the components that we explore.

What do we mean by eBook/Newsletter/Blog? These are the three things that start the development of a campaign. The goal is to first do your 500 words in your blog which has content that can be used in both you eBook and newsletter. And finally, can also be used in your blog. You are quite literally doing three things at once.

You may feel overwhelmed by this system, so to start just focus on the eBook. Ask yourself “What do I need to do now in my blog?” If you didn’t do an outline of your entire eBook (which can be helpful), instead you must figure out the next logical chapter your eBook should have.

Create Profitable Marketing

Marketing to Increase Profits

As summer ends and school begins this is an interesting transitional time for projects. One project we have been watching with great interest is the eBook called “Create Profitable Marketing.” Basically it is about using marketing to increase profits.

Worth the Wait

We are happy to say that we had an opportunity to take a look at a preview edition. I liked it. Don’t get me wrong, it is by no means perfect, in fact it is somewhat sloppily done. But if you sift through it carefully there are some great bits. Create Profitable Marketing is the long awaited treatise about Online Marketing. It was worth the wait!

Delivers the Goods

The book essentially has a new way of looking at time tested methods.  Its process does offer some useable strategies. And in the end that is what you should want in a book. Although I wish they had gotten an editor, the new concepts in this “how to” outdoes many a slicker product. In short, it delivers the goods!